Trust us with the renovation of your equipment gear

We have years of experience when it comes to renovation of equipment, and we will help you when a worn part needs to be repaired and readied for many years of operation. Throughout many years, we have been renovating various kinds of equipment: gears, pumps and cylinders, lifting and production equipment, etc.

Renovation in our own factory

Renovation and repairs of equipment takes place in our own workshop. If the production method for the individual part needs to be recreated, our engineers can help you. In case of abrupt production shutdowns or other emergencies, our service technicians are available always on call and ready to help. You can read more about our service and maintenance team by clicking here.

We offer renovation for all industries

We have experience with renovation of equipment from all types of industries: Wind energy, offshore and marine as well as industrial and production industries. Industrial production equipment, turn devices, offshore hydraulic cylinders along with parts for drilling rigs are some of the types of equipment we often renovate.

New drawings of old equipment

In addition to physical refurbishment, we can also offer to draw up the design of an older machine in case this happen to have been lost. This way you can avoid not being able to recreate a new and equivalent machine if needed.

“Time is money”

We know that “time is money”, and we are aware that production downtime can be costly. Thus, we work professionally and efficiently to minimise downtime in your production so you quickly can get back on track.

Approvals and lifting tests

Are you in need of approvals or lifting tests? Approvals, such as CE labelling, lifting tests, and verification of equipment are also part of our competencies.

Offshore hydraulic cylinder

Renovation of offshore hydraulic cylinder.

Turn device

Turn device after renovation, ready for installation.

Hydraulic cylinder

Replacement of hydraulic gaskets.

Lifting unit for drilling rig

Renovation task of hydraulic cylinder and mechanical components.

Marine wire winch

Marine wire game. Repair and renovation of hydraulic wire winch.

Part to drilling rig

Sub-machine for drilling rig after installation of renovated cylinde

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