Lift- and productionequipment

For many years Aalborg Maskinfabrik has been manufacturing customised production equipment based on our customers’ requirements for the manufacturing of the future.

  • We are experts in turnkey solutions.
  • Your requirements form the basis for the calculations and designs that our engineers devise.
  • The customer approves everything before we embark upon production and installation.
  • We assume full responsibility for everything from concept to final installation.
  • Installation in accordance with SAT and FAT procedures.
  • Preparation of test reports, so all your documentation is in order.
  • The equipment is CE marked.
  • Complete documentation.

Contact persons

Kim Palsgaard Thomsen
+45 20338062

Mathias H. Fischer
+45 98381844

Bruno Sørensen
Operation manager
+45 98381844

Lifting gear

Hydraulic lifting tool for punching machine

Drilling rig part

Partial machine for drill rig after fitting of refurbished cylinder.

Pipe grab

Pipe grab for handling drill pipes.

Claw box

Claw box, 250-ton grab mechanism for oil rigs.

Turn device

Turn device after refurbishment, ready for installation.