Expert in hydraulic cylinders and pistons

Aalborg Maskinfabrik has more than 35 years of experience in hydraulics and the design and production of hydraulic cylinders and pistons. We offer everything from development to construction and renovation of hydraulic cylinders and pistons.

Development of hydraulic components

Development of machines and equipment involving hydraulics is one of our core skills. Our team of competent engineers will develop and draw products based on your specific needs. The construction of the products will always be executed with close collaboration between the factory and engineers to ensure high quality.

We deliver to all industries

Aalborg Maskinfabrik has throughout the years designed a huge variety of hydraulic solutions for including the offshore, energy, industrial, and wind power sectors. We work with a lot of different industries, but our main goal is always the same: The solutions must be simple and service-minded.

Hydraulic cylinders and pistons

Aalborg Maskinfabrik specialises in the development of hydraulic pistons and cylinders for all purposes. We develop customised hydraulic systems for specific applications.

Repair and renovation

We are experts in repairing and renovating all types of hydraulics, and we further offer service contracts to assist you in keeping an overview of your mandatory inspections. You can read more about our services by clicking here.

Manufacture in our own factory

We are proud of being able to provide the development, construction, and manufacture of hydraulic components and systems in our own factory. We develop and manufacture everything based on your needs: Double-acting hydraulic cylinders, pistons, hydraulic tubes as well as other customised components.

The close collaboration between our engineers, technical designers, and factory ensures that we eliminate the risk of not being able to produce a structure or product which has been conceived.


Michael Olsen
Service- & Installation manager
+45 20436947

Morten Holland
Factory Manager
+45 25122063

Kim P. Thomsen
+45 20338062


Customised crane parts

Manufacture of customised crane components.

Hydraulic Control

Hydraulic control for heavy hydraulic lorries.

Press brake cylinder

Special large press brake cylinder.

Cylinder and components

Refurbishment of hydraulic cylinder and components.

Hydraulic system

Aalborg Maskinfabrik is expert in constructing hydraulic systems.

Drilling rig part

Partial machine for drill rig after fitting of refurbished cylinder.

Cabin lift cylinders

2 x cabin lift cylinder. Newly manufactured, cradle-suspended, offshore cylinder.

Telescopic cylinder

Double-action hydraulic telescopic cylinder.

Transport cradle

Hydraulic transport cradle for wind turbine towers.

Hydraulic actuator

Hydraulic actuator with length sensor for the alignment of wind turbine blades.

Hydraulic alignment tool

Hydraulic alignment tool for wind turbine towers.

Hydraulic cylinder

200-ton cylinder for Nacelle crane.

Marine hydraulics

Repair/refurbishment of hydraulic and mechanical systems on board container ships.

Cradle cylinder

Stainless steel cradle cylinder

Hydraulic marine cylinder

160-ton cylinder for crane