About us

Aalborg Maskinfabrik is based in North Jutland. Our roots date back to the shipbuilding industry,
and for decades we have been supplying the industry with engines, service and repair.

We have always kept abreast of technological development and deployed high-tech options in
our production equipment. Initially we were a local supplier, but over the years we have accompanied
our clients out into the export markets, and today we are an internationally oriented company with 2 factories.

Competencies is the key word at Aalborg Maskinfabrik. One of our top priorities is developing the
core manufacturing skills of our staff: welding, turning and milling, and fitting.

Production is often preceded by major, innovative engineering work. We sit down with our customers
to find out what their wishes and requirements are. Our engineers then translate them into tangible
calculations and designs. Other key words in our company include ‘technical advice’ and ‘innovation’.
They make us the perfect sounding board for our customers.

Our broad-ranging skill set means we can offer multi-faceted solutions to a wide variety of industries,
we target our development for them. We are proud of our ability to work with holistic solutions,
which enable us to supply everything from concept to development and production. We translate a
customer’s thoughts and ideas into state-of-the-art production equipment.

When we develop new solutions, we take into account the fitting that will follow, making it as quick and simple as possible.
We have a service and maintenance team on call 24 hours a day to tackle any problems that may crop up.

Today we have a joint head office on Jellingvej in Svenstrup, and factories in Svenstrup and on Skydebanevej in Aalborg.
Contributing to a high professional standard in the industry is very important to us.
Consequently, we provide as many young people as possible with a place of learning, where they can come into contact
with the latest technologies and learn to formulate solutions that meet the wishes and requirements of customers.